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In Minecraft Indev, there were lots of ways to customise the world. This was a Key Feature of this version because it was removed in Infdev, when the world became infinite.


Update Date New Options
January 6, 2010 * World Options:
  • Level Types (Island, Inland, Floating, Flat)
  • Level Shape (Square, Deep, Long)
  • Level Size (Small, Normal, Huge)
January 7, 2010 * World Themes (Only Normal and Hell)
February 14, 2010 * New World Themes (Paradise and Woods)


Using the World Options, you could shape the world you were about to generate. The basic generation settings are Island, Square, Normal. The most noticeable changes in your world with these settings are using the world Types :

  • In the Island world type, you spawn surrounded by an ocean, with usually one cave in the middle of the island going deep underground.
  • In the Inland world type, there is no ocean but the generation of the world besides this is the same.
  • In the Floating world type, you spawn on a floating island, which is usually thin. There are some rare caves and finding ores is pretty hard.
  • In the Flat world type, you spawn in a Superflat world with some trees, but no caves.

When World Themes were added, your world could look a lot different than the normal setting.

  • In a Hell World, it's always night, and water is replaced with lava.
  • In a Paradise world, it's always day.
  • In a Woods world, the sky is grey, and there are lots of trees.

To Change all these settings, there were four sliders which appeared when clicking on the "Generate New Level" button.


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