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Hi everybody, and welcome to my (not so visually appealing) user page! I am Madminecrafter12 - an active editor and admin of this wiki. Outside of this wiki, I am a regular editor of Gamepedia - an administrator and active contributor to the Minecraft Wiki, and a Wiki Guardian (basically the same thing as an admin) of the RollerCoaster Tycoon World Wiki. I'm also on Wikipedia.

How I found this wiki

The story of how I find out about this wiki is kind of funny. I was looking at an edit made on the Minecraft Wiki by a certain IP address, and just out of randomness, I decided to go to the anon's talk page. I saw that a registered user had linked to some kind of website about "Lost Minecraft Miners", and just out of curiosity, I clicked on it. I looked through some stuff on it, and was about to leave, and then I saw the word Wiki, and I thought "Hey, look, a wiki! I have to edit that."

So, I clicked on the wiki, and I realized that the wiki had 2 articles at the time, both of which were incomplete. I was like, "Hey! This wiki looks like it needs contributors, and it's actually about a subject that I'm knowledgeable enough to contribute to." Of course, I instantly made an account, using the same username as Gamepedia, and then I started editing.


If you have any questions or comments about anything wiki-related, come to my talk page.

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